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Newest Discoveries

Drive across the Water


I typed in the Better Handling Cheat, the Black Cars cheat, and the Low Gravity Cheat, and I was able to take my car and drive across the water to Little Havana!

I don't know if this is a cheat or a glitch, or what, but it was awesome. I didn't die, and I kept flying out of the water and going back in, but never lost any health points!


A Heli with Wheels!


After acquiring Sunshine Autos, go and get a sparrow, fly it to sunshine autos, and set it down just outside the pay & spray in back (if you're confident in your flying abilities you can attempt to fly it into the spray area, if not turn it around so that the cockpit is facing the four garages and push it inside).  Once it's in there get in it and after it's sprayed fly it out of the garage .... and viola! a helicopter with wheels! 

Vice City Helicopter Glitch
Here's a cap of this glitch.

Flying Cars Tricks

From James

If you use the flying cars cheat (see elsewhere on the site) not only will your car fly when enough speed is reached but so will the other drivers' cars.

This means that whereas you know what's going on and can adjust your game play accordingly the other car will be flying around all over the place and continually coming off the route, allowing you to quickly but carefully get into 1st place and win the race. 

To disable the cheat afterwards, just press the cheat buttons again. The car may have to be moving before you press the cheat buttons.


Dingy Capers

when "driving a dinghy out on the water, if you hit the side of a rock and your boat flips over, but you can drive it all around, and even flip it back over again against other rocks.


Glitches in True crime

In true crime if you run into certain walls with your car it will launch you hundreds of feet in the air.

If you walk over to a wall and stay there for about five or six seconds you will die and end up perfectly fine with all your health and weapons.